The News And Times: 8:05 AM January 10, 2021 – Headlines Review

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 7:59 AM 1/10/2021

7:59 AM 1/10/2021


  1. News Reviews – : 1. Russia from Michael_Novakhov (114 sites): “russia and the west” – Google News: MOSCOW BLOG: The storm of the US’ Capitol was not a coup, but the shelling of the Russian White House in 1993 was – bne IntelliNews 

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    A single day shakes two presidencies, two parties and one nation to the core.

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    of the Day (St Mark 1:7-11)
    It happened in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized in the Jordan by John. 

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    Why have so very few people been arrested for the DC coup attempt?
    Obviously, the so-called “law enforcement” favors white supremacism & opposes the rule of law.
    Why is that allowed?

  5. ‘There’s something seriously wrong’: Local law enforcement and experts weigh in on Capitol riot 

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  6. New York Officials, Protesters In Times Square Call For Impeachment Of P…  via @YouTube

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    Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown calls for Hawley, Cruz to resign from Senate 

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    : The FBI was in contact with Jacob Chansley (aka Jake Angeli). He surrendered himself to Special Agents at the FBI Phoenix Field Office this morning (1/9/21) and was taken into custody. He has been charged by @USAO_DC.

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    DOJ announces charges against the man carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium and others in US Capitol riot 

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    They were obviously very close to someone important in the Govt, so they defended their position against the threat of breach.

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    My view as the flood came in.

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    GOP Sen. Toomey: Trump “committed impeachable offenses” 

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    Trump in new legal jeopardy after Capitol riots 

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    Derrick Evans, the West Virginia state lawmaker who was allegedly among the rioters who stormed the US Capitol, has resigned 

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