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Intelligence reveals changes in Russian tactics expected after Surovikin replaced by Gerasimov


The Principal Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Protection Ministry expects that the Chief of the General Staff members of the Russian Federation, Valery Gerasimov, who was recently appointed Commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine, will extra actively make use of airborne assault troops.

That’s according to Vadym Skibitskyi, Deputy Head of the company, who spoke in an job interview with Ukrinform, answering a question about the very first consequences of Surovikin getting replaced with Gerasimov.

“In this kind of a quick time period of time, it is nonetheless difficult to say how significantly the ways have transformed, but we unquestionably know that there will be modifications. We can see how they are now moving, wherever their airborne troops are regrouping. This is Gerasimov’s element. Why? Due to the fact at the outset of the total-scale aggression, we evidently understood that there were paratroopers in the 2nd echelon, in simple fact, in the strategic reserve, in all directions, and in the offensive on Kyiv they commonly performed the principal task. We count on that even now there will be a far more energetic use of airborne assault troops,” he explained.

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Skibitskyi suggests that it was in all probability in opposition to this qualifications that misunderstandings arose amongst Gerasimov and the commander of the airborne forces, Colonel-Typical Mikhail Teplinsky, for the duration of a conference at the Russian Normal Staff: “Very first of all, because of to the actuality that underneath Gerasimov’s command, nearly fifty percent of the Russian airborne assault troops were removed around the very first six months of the Great War in Ukraine. And these are elite troops: the 76th, 106th, and 98th divisions.”

He also famous that the 98th division was transferred from the Kherson way to other, more crucial one, in accordance to the enemy’s estimates.

As noted, on January 11, Valery Gerasimov, Main of the Typical Staff of the Russian Federation, was appointed as new Commander of the mixed grouping of Russian troops in Ukraine. Gerasimov’s deputies are now head of the Air Force Sergey Surovikin (who beforehand headed the Russian grouping in Ukraine), main of the ground forces Oleg Salyukov, as nicely as the deputy chief of the Standard Staff of the Russian Federation, Colonel-Typical Aleksey Kim.

Also, on January 14, it was noted that the commander of the airborne assault troops of the Russian Federation, Teplinsky, was launched from his dutiesa The reason at the rear of the reshuffle was an altercation with Gerasimov, who the day ahead of was appointed to supervise the armed service marketing campaign in Ukraine.

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